The kitchen is often the room we spend the most time in. With all the cooking and eating happening, things can quickly get messy. Although you clean your kitchen regularly, a good deep-clean every so often helps tremendously.

Here are some steps to make the process more manageable so that you can finally start!

Before you tackle any deep cleaning in your kitchen, make sure you’ve finished all the basic tasks so that nothing gets in the way. Wash the dishes lying around in your sink, put them away, take out the trash, and clear the countertops. You also want to check that you have all the necessary cleaning supplies. Make sure you have cleaning gloves, a duster, surface wipes, an all-purpose cleaner, cleaning cloths, and anything else you might need. You don’t want to have to stop halfway through because you don’t have your supplies.

Now that it’s time to start, the best way to tackle deep-cleaning your kitchen is to break it down into sections. Consider the fridge, freezer, cabinets, pantry, and drawers as their own separate, small tasks. Once you’ve finished one area, move on to the other. Often, knowing where to start is the hardest part. It always feels easier when you have smaller, more manageable tasks rather than one generic, overwhelming task.

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Always clean your space top to bottom.

Before you start with the kitchen, dust off the ceiling. Whichever section you’re cleaning, clean the top shelves and work your way down. This way, no dirt or dust will be falling on the areas you’ve already cleaned. Take off any curtains or window panels before you start cleaning, as these are most likely full of dust.

Once you pick a section to start with, the first thing to do is take everything out of that space. Then, give the shelves, doors, and all other surfaces a good, deep clean. Before putting everything back, sort through those items and see if there’s anything you should throw away. Is there any expired food? How about those almost empty jars and condiments that are hiding in the back of the fridge? Grab a big trash bag and toss what needs to go.

Re-organize your space to make it more functional.

The kitchen is always busy, so you want to make sure that your food and utensils are easily accessible and that you always know what you have. You may want to buy some extra shelves, organizers, and containers to make better use of your space. Ensure that the items you use the most are within reach, with the less frequently used items further in the back.

Once you’ve finished with your main sections, it’s time to clean your appliances.

Your main tasks here will be the stove and oven, so you might want to start with those and get them out of the way. Then, get rid of those food stains in your microwave, remove the crumbs from your toaster, and give your dishwasher a good clean. Remember to clean both the exterior and interior.

Before you know it, your kitchen will be looking brand new and ready for you to enjoy!

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