We’re a few decades out from the fat-free craze of the 80s and 90s, and we’ve luckily learned the truth about healthy fats and their importance in our diet. Healthy fats help us feel satiated, therefore helping us control cravings and overeating.

They provide our brain with the nutrients it needs to run optimally, assist us in absorbing the nutrients in the food we consume, and help to give us energy. There are countless reasons to enjoy healthy fats in our diet.

Here are a few favorite healthy fat options you can incorporate into your meals.

Avocado is the golden child of healthy high-fat foods.

The versatility you get with avocado is unmatched, and one medium-sized avocado has about twenty-one grams of healthy fat. You can eat it halved sprinkled with everything but the bagel seasoning, mash it on a slice of toast, top your salads with avocado slices, or create some delicious homemade guacamole. You can find a place on your plate at least once a day for a variation of avocado.

Nuts and seeds are what many grab when they want to stay fuller for longer.

They can be eaten by the handful or added to things like your mid-day smoothie or your favorite homemade trail mix. Walnuts have twenty-one grams of fat in a one-ounce serving.

  • Almonds come in at fifteen grams of fat and macadamia nuts at twenty-two grams of fat.
  • Sunflower seeds pack fourteen grams of fat, while pumpkin seeds have thirteen grams of fat.
  • Chia seeds have six grams of fat per serving, and hemp seeds have fifteen grams of fat.

As you can see, no matter which one you pick, you’re sure to get an added boost of healthy fat.

healthy fat salmon

Olives are an easy addition to salads and have four grams of fat in a serving.

If you use olive oil, which you can add to virtually any dish, you’re getting nearly fourteen grams of fat per tablespoon.

Tuna and salmon are great options if you’re looking to enjoy a higher-fat meal.

For example, tuna packs five grams of fat, and salmon contains approximately eleven grams of fat per serving.

Eggs are another great fat option.

One large egg contains five grams of fat. Eaten in moderation, eggs can be a great addition to any diet. They’re also incredibly versatile and can be easily added to many recipes.

Tofu might be the most popular choice for those who have plant-based diets.

A serving of this, which is about three ounces, usually falls around four grams of fat. Another plant-based option, edamame, has roughly the same amount in each serving, which is a half cup of shelled beans.

And to leave you with some good news — dark chocolate is also surprisingly high in fat, coming in around eleven grams of fat in the standard one-ounce portion.

No matter which items you add to the shopping list this week, you’ll reap the health benefits that healthy fat foods bring. Your food will taste better, keep you full for longer, and play a significant role in other various parts of the body functioning well.

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