I Ate The Rainbow!™

5-Week program that will encourage your child to eat healthy, the fun way!

I Ate The Rainbow!™ is a mind, body, spirit program designed to celebrate our significance, encourage positivity, and remind children of how God created our amazing bodies and the nutritious foods that fuel us. Learning that we feel better when we eat the food God created for us at this young age, can help to promote healthy habits for your child’s future.

Each week, we will discuss a color of the rainbow, participate in a special activity designed to develop health and well-being, and make a fun and nutritious snack that your children will create and enjoy!

During this 5 week program your child will:

  • Learn about each color of the rainbow and colorful fruits and vegetables!
  • Participate in activities that reinforce what they are learning in the classroom!
  • Learn tools and techniques to encourage a healthy confidence that will create a future of healthy choices!
  • Understand the benefits of eating colorful foods that keep the body strong and healthy!
  • Learn how certain super foods have super powers to help build strong muscles, fight germs and make us happy!
  • Create and eat a healthy snack!

When we eat the food nature intends for us, we can develop healthy habits for our future, serving our bodies with vitamins and minerals that will keep us strong and healthy- mind, body, spirit.

“My daughter has been through this program several times! She just loves it and so do I and her dad!”
“I Ate The Rainbow!™ has worked wonders for my son! He was picking out vegetables at the grocery store after his very first class!”
“Who knew fruit and vegetables could be this fun?”
Charlie, Age 4
“This program changed so much for my son! I Ate The Rainbow!™ is amazing!”

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