The food industry has a significant impact on the environment. Growing, harvesting, and processing food takes a lot of energy and resources to make what we eat. But that doesn’t mean you must give up your favorite foods to be eco-friendly.

Here are some simple ways to make your diet more environmentally friendly.

Buy Local & In Season

One of the best ways to ensure your food is as fresh and nutritious as possible is to buy local and in-season produce. Not only will this ensure that you’re getting the most nutrient-dense produce, but it also reduces your carbon footprint significantly. Purchasing local foods means fewer transportation costs (and emissions) and eating in season ensures that crops are grown locally and in their natural climate, resulting in less water consumption.

Reduce Food Waste

It’s estimated that approximately one-third of all food produced globally goes uneaten or wasted—which adds to an enormous amount of resources being lost each year. To help reduce this waste, try planning your meals so that you know exactly what ingredients you need, how much you need, and when it needs to be used. This will help cut down on food waste significantly.

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Eat Plant-Based Proteins

Animal proteins require significantly more resources than plant-based ones, so opting for beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, tempeh, and other plant-based proteins over animal proteins can substantially reduce your environmental footprint. Additionally, these protein sources are often cheaper than their animal counterparts which can help save you money at the grocery store. You don’t have to give up animal proteins altogether, but mindfully cutting down on them and replacing them with a plant-based option will help lessen your footprint.

Reusable Grocery Shopping Items

Shopping with reusable bags can make a surprisingly large difference in reducing overall waste. Reusable products are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their ecological footprint – it’s a small change that can greatly impact preserving our natural world. From grocery bags to reusable mesh produce bags, you can keep your reusable bags in your trunk, so you have them readily accessible every time you hit the grocery store.

Making small changes like eating less meat, buying local & organic foods, and reducing food waste can help make your diet more environmentally friendly while still enjoying all your favorite dishes.

By making these simple changes in our diets, we can help reduce our carbon footprint while still treating ourselves to delicious meals every day.

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