I Ate The Rainbow!™ At-Home Program




Are you looking to increase your child’s love for fresh fruit and vegetables?

I Ate The Rainbow!™ is an exciting program that will spark your child’s imagination with hands-on fun and educational activities. You will be thrilled as you and your child journey through the rainbow, learning about how colorful fruit and vegetables serve our bodies with an army of vitamins and minerals to keep us strong and healthy.


I Ate The Rainbow!™ is a mind, body, spirit program designed to remind children of how God created our amazing bodies and the nutritious foods that fuel us. Learning that we feel better when we eat the food God created for us at this young age, will only help to develop healthy habits for your child’s future.

During this at-home, 6 week program, each week your child will explore a color of the rainbow and the wonderful fruit and vegetables of the same color. With you as the guide, your child will learn the benefits of eating colorful foods and how they help us build strong muscles, fight germs and make us feel happy.

 Let’s Play With Our Food!


Perfect as an after school activity, each lesson is designed to last 30 minutes and include 15 minutes of fun learning activities and instruction through play and 15 minutes of a nutritious snack craft. Enjoy this special time with your child as you encourage her to play with her food and eat her creation!

You and your child will cherish the special memories you make together!



You will receive:

  • 52-page educational and inspirational downloadable file
  • 5 weekly rainbow handouts
  • 10 snack craft recipes with ingredients and instructions
  • 15+ fun activity worksheets
  • 6 step-by-step weekly guides and lesson plans
  • A Healthy foods checklist
  • A colorful rainbow certificate
  • An easily printable electronic PDF format
  • Countless giggles and loads of fun!



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