No matter the size of your kitchen, having a tidy space to create your meals is an essential part of maximizing what you have. You can find your decluttering rhythm based on your space and desires.

Here’s a simple formula to follow to get you started on the path of discovering how to cut clutter in your kitchen.

1. Get things off the counter

A counter covered in kitchen utensil holders and appliances instantly shrink the space. Instead, find ways to get things off the counter. For example, if you have nowhere to put all those kitchen utensils, don’t just shove them in a drawer.

You can use a mounted kitchen utensil holder that makes them easy to reach in a pinch while freeing you from the clunky countertop version. While you’re at it, look for tools that perform more than one purpose so you can give your kitchen a minimalist approach without getting rid of something you need.

2. Look up

When you don’t have enough cabinets to contain it all, consider adding storage racks above. There are many styles to help fit your kitchen, aesthetic, and budget. For example, a hanging rack can host all your pots and pans, while shelves can contain cookbooks, cutting boards, and some kitchen appliances you don’t use daily.

clean spice rack

3. Rethink the spice rack

Spices are one of the most parts of the process of cooking. Without them, our foods would be bland. Plus, spices add extra nutrition to your meals. You certainly need them to be there, but with limited space, they feel like they take up the whole kitchen.

Depending on your kitchen setup, you can mount one on the wall or in your pantry. Some styles go on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door. When they’re not taking up counter space or drawers, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need and having the space to make your favorite meals.

4. Replace kitchen tools with collapsible models

There are some things you often need when cooking, and those measuring cups certainly come to mind. However, they require more space to store. With collapsible measuring cups, colanders, and other kitchen tools, you can flatten them out and store them in your cabinets while making room for other larger items too.

5. Go magnetic

Butcher blocks for knives are handy, though they certainly steal the space you need. A simple magnetic rack can help keep knives where you need them and give you more room to work with on those countertops.

One significant benefit of getting the clutter out of your kitchen is that it will inspire you to cook more and focus on feeding yourself well.

When things feel organized, you’ll spend less time rummaging and more time enjoying being in the hub of your home.

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