We’ve all heard of those little tricks to sneak in more steps each day. Pacing around while brushing your teeth, walking back and forth in the kitchen until your coffee is ready, or even parking further away from the entrance when you go to the store. These all work wonderfully, and it really is about adding in extra steps a little along the way throughout your day. You’ll be surprised how close you get to your goal without even going on a long walk to reach it.

But if you truly want to hit your New Year’s goals, involve the family and make it fun. Here are some fun ways you can hit those 10,000 steps per day with the ones you love.

Take the dog for a walk

Grab the kids, put the leash on the dog, and head out for an adventure. Take your time and enjoy the leisurely pleasure of being on a walk with loved ones. No dog? No problem! Just take the kids along and play “I Spy” to make it more fun while getting those essential steps in.

Try walking to a destination

If you live close by a plaza, leave the car parked and walk with the family to the local coffee shop or lunch place for take-out. As a side bonus, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Get off public transit a few stops earlier and explore

For city dwellers, get off the bus or subway a few stops earlier than usual. Use it as an opportunity to walk and explore. Take note of fun restaurants and shops you’d like to stop by. Use this time to catch up on your favorite podcasts, too, for an enjoyable stroll home.

family hiking

Walk around the mall

Take a tip from those in hot, humid climates that walk the air-conditioned mall. It has plenty of things to look at while getting your steps in. Plus, you can motivate the kids with a reward smoothie from the food court after you’ve racked up more steps.

Enroll in a charity walk

Keep tabs on your community’s events for upcoming charity walks. Kids are often encouraged to participate, and you can put your steps to good use.

Find a tour

Museums and walking tours are great ways to get more steps in while doing something interesting. You may even find free tours in your area. If you don’t have any tours, consider creating one yourself so you can explore the town you live in more.

Use geocaching games

Pokémon Go! isn’t the only option. There are plenty of geocaching games that will engage the kids and keep your feet pounding along the pavement.

Keep your eyes open for those little opportunities you have for adding more steps to your day. From ordinary ones to fun ones, it will go a long way in helping you stick to your fitness goals.

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