These days, you can order anything online, and groceries are no exception. You no longer need to spend hours at the grocery store and unload all those heavy bags from your car. And now, more than ever, avoiding unnecessary trips out can save a lot of hassle of long lines and distancing rules in place during the pandemic.

There are plenty of fantastic food delivery options available that save you time and stress.

Here are some of the best grocery delivery companies on the market:

Produce Delivery Options

Farmbox Direct:

Farmbox Direct is a great food delivery service for fruits and vegetables. They support local farmers and businesses, so you know all your produce is sourced locally. The fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh to your door, and you can even choose if you want your produce to be organic or not. Take a look at this year’s Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 list to see which items you should be getting organic, and which ones you can slide on.

From the Farmer:

From the Farmer is basically a farmer’s market delivered to your doorstep! Their produce is high-quality and always fresh. You don’t need to commit to any subscription and can cancel at any time. They offer different sizes of boxes, so you can pick which one is best for your weekly grocery needs and price range.

Perfectly Imperfect Produce:

This food delivery company is fantastic if you don’t mind imperfect-looking produce. They use fruits and vegetables that otherwise wouldn’t make it to the grocery store simply because of their odd shapes and sizes. Because of this, their boxes are also set at a great price. They don’t compromise on quality, so you can be assured that you’re still getting fresh produce at a lower price. Misfits Market is another option that’s great, too.

Local CSAs:

Local Community Supported Agriculture is another great option to look into for produce. These national delivery boxes are great, but you may find an even better deal with a local farmer through a CSA. Head over to to find a CSA in your area.

Meal Delivery Options

Hello Fresh:

Hello Fresh is a great option for those who not only don’t have time to go grocery shopping but also don’t have time to think of which meals to create throughout the week. It delivers all of the ingredients— protein, grains, and fresh produce— that you need to create a complete meal.

Green Chef:

Green Chef is another wonderful meal delivery service that only uses organic products. They also only use foods that are sustainably and ethically sourced. You can expect high-quality foods every time, along with recipe cards to make delicious, healthy meals.

Meat and Seafood Delivery Options

Butcher Box:

Butcher Box is well-known for being extremely ethical and only using high-quality meats. Their beef is grass-fed, and their poultry is organic and free-range. They also have excellent customer service. You can be assured that you are getting quality meat every time you order off Butcher Box.

Vital Box:

Vital Box is your best bet if you’re looking for a seafood delivery option. They are a sustainable seafood company that only source their seafood from ethical fish farms. You can get wild salmon and other fish, shellfish, and premade foods such as salmon burgers.

Crowd Cow:

Crowd Cow offers a long list of seafood and meats. You can order a custom box and choose precisely what you want, or you can treat yourself to a pricier box that contains a selection of premium-cut steaks.

Are you using any delivery services? What’s your favorite right now?