If you do a simple Google search trying to learn the best way to choose healthy food items, you will find a flurry of conflicting information. This can be overwhelming when you already have no idea where to start but want to actively work toward better health.

To not get sucked into whatever newest meal plan is trending, it’s essential to put more emphasis on some simple rules to live by. Following a framework for wellness allows us to feel secure in our choices and like we are standing on a firm foundation that won’t be shaken when the next trendy diet comes along.

Here are some good rules to live by:

Keep portions in check.

Many people don’t pay much attention to portions, but it can make or break how we feel—both after meal times and regarding our health in general. Sticking to one’s ideal portion size can leave us feeling fulfilled without overeating or undereating.

Swap a beverage.

Whether you always grab a latte on the way to work or have a soda every afternoon at your desk, just swapping one beverage for water can make a big difference in overall hydration. Hydration is pivotal to feeling energized (even more so than caffeine), so don’t pass up an opportunity to grab some water. Instead, you can slowly exchange your sugary beverages for water until you’ve made a habit that sticks.

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Don’t neglect your cravings.

By simply acknowledging cravings and having a small portion, we begin to take our power back. A craving does not necessarily mean an opportunity to binge. Instead, it’s a normal signal our body gives that we address and move forward. By spending less time daydreaming about food, we give it less power over us, therefore normalizing it only as fuel for our body—nothing more, nothing less.

Try new things.

As the nutritionist often says: “eat the rainbow.” This means that no fruits or vegetables are off-limits and should regularly be added to our diet. Don’t settle only for green veggies. Instead, enjoy an assortment of fruit. By mixing up the produce we enjoy, we can find new things to love. This habit also keeps us from getting bored with the food we put on our plates.

Top your meals.

It’s possible to keep meals simple while still loading up on healthy additions. By keeping an assortment of toppings in the pantry, we can add more nutrients to our diet. This means drizzling olive oil, sprinkling seeds, and using fresh herbs. It’s easy to get creative with toppings because they require little effort but bring out extra flavor and goodness.

Let’s get back to the enjoyment of food and focus less on diet trends.

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