We know how important it is to drink water, but it’s not always easy to get our daily intake. I use a few tips and tricks to make sure I’m drinking half of my body weight in ounces each day, and you can try them, too.

Here are some tips to help you drink more water so you can stay hydrated and healthy.

1. Flavor Your Water

Try flavoring your water with tea bags or fresh herbs and fruits. Fresh mint makes your water taste refreshing without adding any sugars or unhealthy additives. You can also add berries, watermelon, cucumber, lemon, and whatever other fruits you prefer. Many tea companies sell cold tea infusers that are made specifically for cold water. These flavors will make drinking water much more exciting and delicious.

2. Buy a New Water Bottle

As silly as it may sound, having a nice water bottle can motivate you to use it more. Just as new workout clothes motivate us to go to the gym, a shiny new water bottle can motivate us to drink more water. There are many beautiful bottles out there and even some high-tech ones that connect to your phone and remind you to drink water. Many water bottles also contain marked measurements on the side, which is very helpful if you want to keep track of your water drinking progress throughout the day. Find something you love and use it.

hydrate water bottle

3. Download a Water-Tracking App

These days, there really is an app for everything, including drinking water. These apps will help you track how much water you drink and show you how much is left to meet your daily intake goal. Most of these apps also send reminders throughout the day to drink more water. We check our phones constantly, so having notifications is a sure way to remind us to drink more.

4. Bring Your Water Bottle with You Everywhere

It’s difficult to remember to drink water, especially if it’s not nearby. Visual reminders, such as your water bottle, help tremendously. Take your water bottle everywhere with you, and make sure to refill it as soon as it’s empty. Even if you’re just walking around the house, bring a water bottle, or have more than one throughout your house. If you can make this a habit, then the practice of drinking water will come a lot more easily.

5. Drink Sparkling Water

When you’re feeling bored of regular water, try drinking some sparkling water instead. There are many flavors of sparkling water, which taste similar to soda (without the sweetness).

You can try endless flavor combinations, and the carbonation is refreshing and exciting. When something tastes good, you don’t need to have a habit of drinking it; you will want to!

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