Condiments can tremendously help us liven up our meals and keep a variety of flavors rotating through our menus at home. Having a stash of healthy condiments in your kitchen can assist you with upgrading your meals without derailing you from your health priorities.

Let’s go over some of the healthiest condiments to help you make nutritious meals in your kitchen without sacrificing taste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good quality extra virgin olive oil is an essential kitchen staple for healthy eating. A slight drizzle of quality EVOO can add polyphenols and boost the taste of salads, roasted veggies, and other healthy items.

Grey or Pink Salt

Limiting sodium is important for good health. But a finishing touch of pink or grey salt, especially with that olive oil, will create wonderful flavors that remind you that healthy eating doesn’t need to be bland.

nutritional yeast jar

Nutritional Yeast

For vegans, it can be even more of a challenge to flavor foods. Nutritional yeast adds a cheesy flavor to foods while being completely free of animal products. It’s also an ideal solution for anyone that is lactose-intolerant. Try it on air-popped popcorn to create your own cheesy popcorn without any actual cheese.

Hot Sauce

Choose a brand that uses healthy ingredients like apple cider vinegar, flax, or avocado oil, and your hot sauce will do more for you than just boost the flavor of your food. Sometimes, a little kick is all you need to make something go from boring to extraordinary.

Raw Nut Butters

While raw nut butters can be a staple for breakfast or lunch, they also make a wonderful way to create sauces full of flavor and dressings for your veggies. Choose almond butter or cashew butter to create healthier meals that you’ll love to eat.


Any type of mustard is a healthy condiment choice. Simply choose high-quality ones and experiment with them in your kitchen. Stoneground mustard makes an excellent base for dressings, while spicy mustard gives things a kick. You can even blend mustard with raw organic honey for a honey mustard with health benefits.

Olive Tapenade

One great healthy condiment to have on hand is olive tapenade. It’s excellent as a spread for toasts, wraps, and sandwiches, though it can really jazz up a basic bowl. Additionally, if your hummus is a bit ho-hum, add a spoonful of olive tapenade on top to make it a sensational dip for your veggies.


Last but not least, yogurt can be used as a healthy condiment. Choose the plain Greek variety, or your non-dairy favorite, and let it become a sweet or savory sauce for your meals, depending on how you season it. You’ll also get probiotics in every bite, making it a better option than sour cream for adding a creamy touch to any meal.

These healthy condiments can add flavor to your meals and boost your nutrition. 

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