Every day, your lymphatic system works to keep your body healthy. A properly functioning lymphatic system helps clear toxins away, removing waste from our tissues and out of the bloodstream.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do much to help your lymphatic system keep you healthy and your immunity strong.

Here are seven things you can do to focus on your lymphatic system for your best health.

1. Jump around

Whether that’s jumping jacks or your rebounder, take a few minutes and jump up and down. This helps moves things through your lymphatic system and stimulates the circulatory system too.

2. Drink up

One of the biggest causes of lymphatic congestion is not getting enough water. Fill up your cup and keep it coming. Even better, adding lemon to the water will boost this system further.

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3. Enjoy a massage

Activating your lymphatic system can be as enjoyable as getting a massage. However, a lymphatic massage is what you’re after here. It helps push stagnant lymph into circulation to clear toxins and lessen the burden on your systems. You can try it yourself with circular, rhythmic motions to help stimulate this essential system.

4. Eat more herbs

Certain herbs are outstanding for assisting lymphatic flow or clearing toxins away. Red clover is one of the most popular to increase lymphatic flow and detoxify while reducing inflammation. Manjistha helps with stagnate lymph, detoxifying tissues, and allowing lymph flow. Be sure you talk with your doctor before starting any new herbs or supplements.

5. Use dry brushing methods

In Ayurvedic practices, dry brushing is very common for boosting circulation and lymphatic flow. It also serves to remove dead skin cells and open up pores, a nice bonus for fresh and glowing skin.

6. Add more raw foods

Raw foods are filled with naturally-occurring enzymes that help destroy toxic buildup. Raw fruits and vegetables support your body’s lymphatic system and elevate your water stores in the body. Since raw foods are mostly alkaline, they neutralize many pathogens that take some of the system’s burden.

7. Try yoga

This should be all the motivation you need to give yoga a try once and for all. Inversion moves help through all these peaceful twists and turns, and it helps to get the lymphatic system moving and helps you feel healthier in general.

The lymphatic system is essential to our overall health, and doing these small things to boost its effectiveness is a simple way to encourage a healthy, strong body.

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