Ways to Simplify Your Life for Less Stress


Stress is often like a runaway boulder gathering snow. It starts off small, perhaps with one or two nagging things and then… it snowballs into the kind of thing that can run you over full-steam.


Let’s face it — you’re not going to ever feel relaxed if you’re running yourself ragged, panicking over deadlines, projects, social gatherings, housework, or whatever is tugging on your mind.


You might not be able to prevent stressful situations, but you can work on simplifying your life for less stress. Here’s how to make that a reality and breathe a little easier every night.



There is much clarity to be found when you clean out the clutter, whether it’s the physical or mental kind of clutter (or both!). Find ways each day to make your routine simpler by lightening your load. You can even use a visualization technique. Picture a balloon filled with your stress. Picture yourself releasing the balloon and watch it waft away.

Reclaim your livelihood

Why are you here? It’s undoubtedly not to work yourself to death. Instead, look inside yourself and remember what inspires you. Aim for those things that fill your heart and ignite your passion for life.

Go to sleep

I’m not talking a full-on hibernation here, but we do think that embracing your well-being through rest is critical to conquering stress. Use an essential oil diffuser with lavender and get yourself to bed earlier. You’ll find that with proper sleep, you’ll be less harried and intimidated by the things that tend to set off your stress bells.

Get comfortable

When stress comes on, one of the best ways to chase it away is to surround yourself with the things that make you comfortable on a physical and mental level. Do things that fill your cup like reading a good book that’s not related to work, taking a hot bath while listening to your favorite songs, taking a walk around the lake on a beautiful day…whatever it is, find those things that make you comfortable with yourself and do them. Stress will naturally ebb away when you do.

With all the noise around us, either in our own heads or trying to recall what you wrote on the grocery list that you left on the counter, or outer noise from others, you have to tune back into yourself. Meditation is fantastic for this. Try to set aside the same time each day for your meditations. Listening to healing frequencies while you do so will help your mind let go of the noise, allowing you to tune into your innermost self.

Take the time to simplify your life for less stress, and you’ll find that when stressful things pop up, you’re better equipped to walk through those days without overwhelm.