Sometimes it feels like it’s far easier to love others than it is to love ourselves. To really be our best for those we love, it’s important to put your wellbeing and regard for yourself front and center. That’s the very core of self-love, and while the term might sound self-centered, it’s far from it.

Self-love is about getting in touch with yourself, getting to know yourself, and genuinely nurturing yourself.

Make it a point to be good to yourself daily in the following ways, and as we are celebrating Valentine’s day this month, let’s focus on loving ourselves deeply all month long.

Start the day on a positive note.

When you look in the mirror, speak positive affirmations to yourself. It truly sets the tone when you start your day off like this. You can even leave post-it notes on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself of these positive mantras you choose to meditate on throughout the week.

Nourish your body

Focus on providing the healthiest foods for your body to thrive. Drink lots of water, focus on good sleep, move your body in some way every day, and nourish it daily with activities and intentions to treat yourself well.

Counter negative thoughts with positive ones

Everyone has that inner voice that can lean to the negative side at times. Focus on flipping these thoughts into positive ones when they arise.

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Toss out toxicity in all forms

Focus on relationships that help you better yourself, and distance yourself from any toxic situations you’ve found yourself in.

Cheer for yourself

Whether you got a small project done today or you got a major promotion, celebrate all your successes, big or small. You should be proud of everything you accomplish today. And yes, that even means getting out of bed on some days!

Venture into uncharted territory

Stop looking wistfully at something you’ve always wanted to try. It could be wakeboarding or needlepoint, but what matters is trying something new outside your comfort zone. You may love it, or you may not, but you will feel exhilarated from giving it a try.

Stop buying into an altered reality.

If you look at social media and continuously feel less than, take a break, and immerse yourself in reality. It can be so simple to fall into the comparison game when it comes to social media but continue to remind yourself you only see the highlight reels.

Calm your mind daily

You will tune more into yourself when you take the time to turn your focus internally. Sit and breathe, meditate, and simply be in the moment. Only a few minutes a day can really change the way you think.

These are just some ways to build upon your self-love practice. Practice them daily to feel more like yourself in your own body, and learn to love and respect yourself deeply.

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